Edward Waites (English. b.1988)

This Collection has been sculpted and designed by British sculptor Edward Waites. Each piece is in a limited edition, cast into bronze and finished with custom patination. The collection comprises many worldwide animals, from the depths Africa to the English countryside where Edward lives and works.

Although he is still very young, Edward has worked prolifically since leaving school and has created a career from his passion. His sculpture is collected worldwide with both public and private collections in the UK and internationally, including a number of Royal Families around the world.

Soon after starting his professional career Edward has worked very closely with the foundry in Suffolk that casts most of his work. From day one he has worked with a hands-on approach in terms of producing his work in bronze and has built a positive relationship with the foundry-man with whom he works. The process is hugely skilled and time consuming so the finished article takes months to create and each individual piece is bespoke in this age-old lost wax casting process.

Notable Collections and Commissions